--- Comment #4 from Vincent Hennebert <>  2009-06-26 
03:08:28 PST ---
I've had a more detailed look at the patch and it looks good to me. A few other
- the definition and parsing of the extension properties should not be put in
ExtensionElementMapping, but in a class (and a sub-package) of its own. Where
exactly it should be put is not entirely clear to me yet. Probably in a new
o.a.f.render.extensions package. How to name the new sub-package also is an
open question (scalingcropbleedtrim? rather ugly... pageboundaries (taken from
the PDF spec)? prepress?).
- amendment to what I said about the event notification mechanism: the
extension should not use it, rather throw appropriate exceptions, which would
be passed over by the PDF library (the classes in o.a.f.pdf) to the
PDFDocumentHandler. The former two should remain independent of the
notification mechanism to allow later extraction from the FOP codebase and
modularization. Only the PDFDocumentHandler must be aware of the notification
- the regexp parsing properties should be made slightly more robust and
- I have a concern about when the properties are actually parsed. Like it is
now they will be parsed only at rendering stage, so if there is a mistake in
them the error will be thrown rather 'late' in the process (only after layout
has been performed). May that be a problem? Do we want a 'fail-fast' behaviour
instead? Open question.

I'm happy to do all the mentioned changes myself, but this will be in one week
at the earliest as I'm away next week. Peter, if meanwhile you want to submit
an updated patch feel free to do so :-)


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