--- Comment #12 from Peter Coppens <>  2009-07-09 
07:42:02 PST ---
(In reply to comment #11)
> Yeah, I saw that, but that still doesn't tell me what I'm looking for.  What's
> the use case for using these properties?  What functionality do they offer
> that's not in other properties in the specification?  Is this for background
> images or something?  Watermarks?
> Based on Andreas's comments in this bug this sounds like a common feature
> request, I've just never heard of it.
> I'm only curious because I use FOP pretty extensively and wonder if these
> extensions add something I would find useful.


The box'es set the pdf page boxes with the same name. I found useful (not necessarily
finding the pdf spec an easy read ;)). These boxes are often used to drive what
is actually printed as compared to what e.g. acrobat displays

Scale is something we needed to use fop for creating adverts. The size of the
output depends on e.g. the magazine you want your advert to be published in. As
we want to use same stylesheet for different magazines a scale factor makes
that possible

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