On 24.08.2009 14:04:13 Laurent Caillette wrote:
> Hi all,
> A few thoughts about Java 1.5 support and FOP version numbers.
> I suggest to keep the emblematic "1.0" for the full support of the
> XSLT-1.0 spec. I don't see any problem with FOP version hitting 0.99 or
> even 0.123 one day.

I do. We don't currently have the resources available to even hope for
achieving something close to 100% spec coverage within the next 5 years
(judging from the progress lately). And some people simply don't use 0.x
software. Some companies have strict policies in that direction (even if
that's stupid in FOP's case). But we've had that discussion before and
decided to go 1.0 with the next release. Maybe going 1.0 will give FOP more
visibility and there's a minimal chance that it will attract new
contributors in the future. FOP turns 10 in a couple of months and still
being 0.x is a joke in itself IMO.

> Java 5 as minimum requirement sounds good to me (while another version
> with 1.4 sounds reasonable, too). But Java 6 is too high as minimum
> requirement. Java 5 is still the default JVM on Mac.


> Hope this helps,
> c.

Jeremias Maerki

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