Thank you for your comments.

1) Auto-detection wasn't meant to be detecting the actual printer
capabilities but meant to determine whether grayscaling of images would take
place.  See line 403 of PCLGenerator.  In our current use of FOP 0.20x, we
have b/w images but wasn't sure how to force b/w when a color image was

2) I'm new to FOP and all of it's capabilities and configuration usage.  I
think a lot of what I really need should be and can be handled there.  I
wasn't fully aware of this file.

3) I didn't change anything with scaling of the least not
intentionally.  In my testing, with LOTS of jpg, bmp, these render correctly
and print on the PCL5c perfectly.  I'd like to implement TIFF compression
just to get the PCL file size down.

4) I wasn't aware of the 'coding' style. I didn't see a style guideline. 
Can you point me to one?  I was  paranoid of making any changes and only
placed my initials in there for my reference as I was testing.  Of course,
these would be removed. 


Bugzilla from wrote:
> --- Comment #4 from Jeremias Maerki <> 2009-09-10
> 00:25:14 PDT ---
> I'm not seeing any auto-detection in the patch. What do you refer to? The
> offline PCL production doesn't allow for bi-directional querying of the
> printer
> to get its capabilities so there can't be any auto-detection anyway.
> As Chris noted, not all printers support PCL5C. My Brother HL-1250, for
> example, prints out garbage with the patch applied. IMO, it's imperative
> to
> have a configuration option to enable/disable PCL5C functionality.
> I see various issues with the patch:
> - the output is no longer compatible with PCL5 printers.
> - I got ByteArrayOutOfBoundsExceptions with many of my usual test images.
> - PJL support is disabled in a hard-coded fashion (Jim, you can disable
> PJL in
> configuration, no need to do that in code:
> - If I interpreted this correctly from my short test, the color images
> don't
> get scaled if the image is not used in its intrinsic size.
> - PCLGenerator.paintBitmap() converts an image to monochrome even though
> its
> later rendered in color which gives away lots of performance. Image
> conversion
> is an expensive operation.
> - an updated patch should be a bit closer to FOP's coding style (no tabs
> in
> particular). Also, you should remove your initials spread throughout the
> code.
> Due attribution will be given in the status file and the commit messages.
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