Hi Jonathan,

that's extremely good to hear! Welcome! Say thanks from me to your
management! This is a good decision for your company as you can build
knowledge on an obviously important component in your software portfolio
and you can help steer FOP into directions that help you and your

As for starting suggestions, that is rather difficult. There are so many
things that you could start. Many are quite hard, especially when it
goes into the area of the layout engine. I guess the usual everygreens
are OTF/CFF font support or TrueType support for PostScript output which
shouldn't be all that hard but are of high value to FOP's users. But
they are not tasks that are done in half a day. If you don't want to
start working off the issue list of your company, you could go through
the Bugzilla tracker and review some open issues. A lot is outdated (and
can be closed) or just slipped through the cracks but it could be a nice
(but slightly inefficient) way to get to know FOP.

We'll gladly help you with pointers once you picked something to work on.

On 14.09.2009 21:32:25 Jonathan Levinson wrote:
> Hi,
> My management has asked me to volunteer to help fix FOP bugs and add FOP
> enhancements.  I'm not yet familiar with FOP internals though I've read
> your design documents.
> I work for InterSystems: www.intersystems.com
> <http://www.intersystems.com> .  I'm responsible for the InterSystems
> reporting engine: ZEN Reports.  ZEN Reports generates XSLT to transform
> XML to XSL-FO and uses RenderX XEP, FOP, and Antenna House for rendering
> engines.  
> I have to start somewhere and a question I have is this: what would be a
> good "starter bug" or enhancement for me to work on?  Can anyone give me
> any pointers on how to get started?
> Thanks!
> Best Regards,
> Jonathan S. Levinson
> Senior Software Developer
> Object Group
> InterSystems
> 617-621-0600

Jeremias Maerki

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