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We are an international company, and need to support non-Western
documents including Greek, Thai and Chinese, amongst many others.  We
have technical people at work in every area of the globe.

Best Regards,
Jonathan S. Levinson

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From: Simon Pepping []

Another area where FOP needs more work is support for non-Western
documents. I do not know where the problems are, but it probably does
not work right now. Ideally, we would have contributors from regions
with such problems.

Regards, Simon
Hi Jonathan,
Regarding non-western documents, in current FOP version:
- Latin and Slave alphabets give kind results, since they only depend on fonts charset (my own experience).
- Japanese can give expected result (my own experience).
- ideographics languages (like Chinese) can give unexpected results regarding line-breakink (from what I read in user-list). - Arabic (and probably all right-to-left writings) cannot be handled correctly by current FOP version:
 - right to left not implemented (see [1])
 - Arabic inner ligatures not handled at all



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