On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 12:07:20PM +0000, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/trunk/events.html#event-model
> > 
> > "For a given application, there can be multiple event models active at
> > the same time. In FOP, each renderer is considered to be a plug-in and
> > provides its own specific event model. The individual event models are
> > provided through an EventModelFactory. This interface is implemented for
> > each event model and registered through the service provider mechanism
> > (see the plug-ins section for details)."
> Ok. Maybe that???s just me, but after reading that section, I still fail
> to understand what an ???event object model??? is. And since that section
> starts by explaining implementation details (names of parameters not
> provided by the JVM, need of QDox), I???m inclined to skip it all. After
> all, I???m not a developer, but a user of the library.
> > And http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/trunk/events.html#plug-ins
> That section starts with ???The event subsystem is extensible.??? I don???t
> want to extend it, I just want to use it!
> And nowhere is it written that something must also be added to the build
> file. This is all confusing.

I agree with the observation that the documentation is not well suited
to FOP developers who want to add events. I would like to see a 'howto
add one or more events' document. The documentation page on the web
site http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/trunk/events.html stops too
early. For me it was about sufficient, but only because I decided to
reuse one of the event producers and added my message to the catch all
EventFormatter.xml file. Even so, I had problems getting my event file
rebuilt. Preferably the documentation page has a short and a longer
writeup, without an explanation of the philosophy. It would probably
also be good to have such a document for those who want to extend the

Until now we were saved by the fact that Jeremias is around to check
our actions, but we should be able to add events even without him, and
we are not yet there.


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