Hi Peter

See my question I attached to bug 48237. But of course, the ideal case
is to have the color converted properly if possible.

On 24.11.2009 15:30:30 Peter Hancock wrote:
> At present FOP does not respect an image color setting of 'b+w' when
> rendering svg to afp (see Bug 48237)
> According to the AFP spec (
> http://publibz.boulder.ibm.com/cgi-bin/bookmgr_OS390/BOOKS/HA3N1M00/7.47.1?SHELF=APSBK320&DT=20001002123303)
> it does not seem possible to specify a grayscale color space, and so my
> question is how should colour be controlled?

I think there are two general approached besides just using RGB:
- CMYK with only the K component (that is a clear indication that we
want a fully black color or shades of that)
- using a Highlight color space (assuming black as a highlight/spot

But I have no experience with highlight colors on AFP, so I can't tell
if it would work.

> Since AFPGraphics2D is responsible for setting the color on the MODCA
> GraphicsObject prior to calling drawing  methods,  would a sensible fix to
> the problem be to convert the awt.Color before calling this setter?

Probably. I have some tentative need to have a general color conversion
facility for FOP (not just AFP). For example, at some point we may want
to have color conversion from sRGB to CMYK. Another use case for a color
converter would be a detector which would convert any grayscale color (R,
G, B or C, M, Y with equal values) to a CMYK value (with only K) which
might in certain situations improve output quality because otherwise a
RIP might be inclined to mix black by mixing CMY. I can imagine that a
general interface could be defined for which there could be multiple
implementations depending on the use case and configuration. For the
present case, one implementation of that interface per color setting
could be written for AFP. Not sure, just brainstorming.

> Any thoughts would be most welcome,
> Pete

Jeremias Maerki

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