--- Comment #6 from Vincent Hennebert <> 2010-02-23 
16:02:44 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> > - AFAIU the value of change-bar-class is not required to be unique. The 
> > nesting
> > level must also be taken into account, which allows to clear any ambiguity 
> > in
> > case the same name is used several times. Also, there is no default value 
> > for
> > this property.
> yes, and the code in only checks, if the same class 
> has already been used in the _actual_ stack of change bars.

That is still too restrictive. The following construct is perfectly legal:
  <fo:change-bar-begin change-bar-class="my-change-bar"/>
  <fo:block>blah... blah...
    <fo:change-bar-begin change-bar-class="my-change-bar"/>
    blah... blah...
  <fo:change-bar-end change-bar-class="my-change-bar"/>
  <fo:change-bar-end change-bar-class="my-change-bar"/>

There are two matching pairs of the same class "my-change-bar" but different
nesting levels.

> > - the default value of change-bar-color is the current value of the color
> > property, not black.
> Yes, I was just to lazy to find out, how to get it before I commited the
> patch:-)

That's ok, then just put a TODO comment to indicate that this part still needs
some work (might be of help for yourself as well, actually).


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