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New change bar patch against /trunk

Attached is a new patch that adds change bar output and change-bar-begin/end
The output is done in by drawing change bar areas if an
area to be drawn is affected by change bars.
As such, it is not very efficient, i.e., it is not checked, if change bars
areas overlap.
Also, when drawing change bars for consecutive lines, the change bars are drawn
with the same height as the line area, causing gaps between the change bars (as
lines are offset).
This has been run through checkstyle.

The remaining functionality is very much the same as the first patch presented
one year (sic) ago.
Although 46 files are touched, most changes are quite trivial (adding recording
of change bars at areas or layout managers).

The test case attached to this PR is now handled correctly.

 Unit tests
 extensive testing.

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