On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 07:37:12PM +0000, Vincent Hennebert wrote:

> Speaking of the release, many parts of the website are largely outdated
> and need a serious re-work (the Development tab, mainly). Also, any
> reference to 0.20.5 should IMO be removed before releasing 1.0. 0.20.5
> is a thing of the past now.

That makes a release even more difficult. I am in favour of an early
release, rather than working on the website
> Finally, the website could really do with a new look. ATM it???s looking
> so... 1990???s. I started to work on that some time ago (based on the
> Batik skin), but never got to finishing it. Forrest sometimes gets in
> the way, I must say. Maybe switching to an alternative framework could
> be investigated. Especially if it can also provide higher automation.

Again, I am in favour of focusing on an early release as our most
important requirement.


Simon Pepping
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