Hi everyone,

>> Could anyone
>> help understanding what is that exactly? I've crawled through the
>> available JIRA projects and saw none related with XML Graphics (Batik,
>> FOP, XML Graphics Commons)... (Also, if this is a lengthy process I'd
>> hint towards maybe triggering the process now so next year we won't
>> have this extra overhead.)
> JIRA is the ASF's bug tracking system, used by many projects instead
> of Bugzilla which we use.

Humm, I guess my question wasn't properly made (I had an idea of JIRA
as a bug tracker and it's use within ASF); I meant to ask what were
the implications of using JIRA when the project is using Bugzilla.
Sorry for the noise! ;-)

> See the archives at
> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/community-dev/. Registering
> your project ideas should not take a long time.

OK, a little crawling showed that it is straightforward [1], with no
implications at all: the procedure for projects using Bugzilla is
simply using the "Community Development" project on JIRA, making sure
the title has prefix containing the project name ("PROJECT_NAME:").
More details available [1]. :-)

> Regards, Simon



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