Tom Browder wrote:
I would like to be able to use a Hangul (Hangeul: Korean) Open Type
font with fop.

Hi Tom,

Please post questions relating to the usage of FOP in the fop-users mailing list. fop-dev is for Java coding issues on the FOP project. Thanks!


It seems to me that fontforge could be used to convert the bfd fonts
to a vector Open Type format.  If so, would their license permit them
to be used for fop use and testing?

Next question, could anyone working on the Open Type area in fop use
some help to move toward being able to use such fonts?

The main barrier to using Open Type Fonts in FOP is the limitation pertaining to CFF glyphs. FOP currently doesn't OTF with CFF glyphs. All the eastern typefaces shipped as OTF that I have seen contain CFF glyphs.


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