If you want to make your progress visible to more users, and invite
them to test this, then

1. It may be useful to cross-post this to fop-users.
2. To make a binary distribution available of the code.

I could build a binary distribution, but I cannot post it on my ASF
page; I could post it on your Trac site.

OTOH, why do you not (yet) submit a patch? Then I could do both


On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 11:30:41PM +0800, Glenn Adams wrote:
> Attached is a sample input FO, output IF, and output PDF example showing the
> functioning of complex chained contextual glyph substitution and glyph
> positioning operations, now available on my working dev branch at git://
> The GDEF (glyph definition) table is now supported as well in order to
> correctly process the IgnoreBase, IgnoreLigatures, IgnoreMarks lookup flags
> according to font defined glyph classes.
> Regards,
> Glenn

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