Hi Mehdi,
I'm against that since we already have mechanisms to control some of
these traits and this would overlap with them. For example, we have the
referenced-fonts element
which controls whether we embed or not. And we have the encoding-mode
attribute on the font element to control if single-byte or cid mode
should be used. Granted, that's not exactly what you're after, but I
believe this already covers 95% of the use cases if not more.

The only thing you can't currently do is embed a full font in CID mode
(or reference it). The problem here is the character map that should be
used when in CID mode. I think that would require some research first so
we know how best to handle this. For example, referencing only makes
sense if a TrueType font can be installed directly on the printer. But
then, the question is in which mode the characters can be addressed.
Single-byte (like we currently fall back to) is probably not a problem
unless you need to print Asian documents. Please note that we also don't
support full TTF embedding/referencing in CID mode in PDF documents. So
I'm not sure if we really need that at the moment.

If we do, I believe it would generally suffice to extend encoding-mode
from (auto|single-byte|cid) to (auto|single-byte|cid|cid-full). We may
need a "cmap" parameter then to change the default CMap (currently
"Identity-H" like in PDF) since our subsetting code uses custom mappings,
not Unicode or any other encoding scheme (like "90ms-RKSJ-H").

On 09.11.2010 12:08:36 mehdi houshmand wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working on making TTF subset embedding configurable such that a
> user can opt for either full font embedding, subset embedding or just
> referencing, this would be extending the work Jeremias submitted. I
> was considering adding a parameter to the font configuration file
> called "embedding" with 3 possible values "none", "subset" and "full".
> This would allow the user to configure the embedding mode on a font by
> font basis. What do people think about this proposal?
> Thanks
> Mehdi

Jeremias Maerki

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