Hi Eric,

Peters method is less "hacky" than mine since it means you don't
change the build.xml. Basically, you download the junit jar from and
add it to the lib folder in your ant file and that will ensure that
you can run junit with ant with any project (not just FOP). You'll
also need to add the bin folder to your PATH (if you already haven't).


On 21 December 2010 13:51, Eric Douglas <edoug...@blockhouse.com> wrote:
> I put a junit jar in the fop lib directory.  Without it the fop ant build 
> tells me junit support is not present even if I have junit in the project 
> build path.
> I found the last message it gives me in the build file.  Is it possible this 
> step is just taking a really long time?  I'm not sure what all it's supposed 
> to do.  I believe I left it running when I went to lunch yesterday and that 
> was still the last message showing when I got back.
>  <target name="junit-userconfig" depends="junit-compile" if="junit.present" 
> description="Runs FOP's user config JUnit tests">
>    <echo message="Running user config tests"/>
>    <junit dir="${basedir}" haltonfailure="${junit.haltonfailure}" 
> fork="${junit.fork}" errorproperty="fop.junit.error" 
> failureproperty="fop.junit.failure">
>      <sysproperty key="basedir" value="${basedir}"/>
>      <sysproperty key="jawa.awt.headless" value="true"/>
>      <sysproperty key="fop.layoutengine.disabled" 
> value="${layoutengine.disabled}"/>
>      <sysproperty key="fop.layoutengine.testset" value="standard"/>
>      <formatter type="brief" usefile="false"/>
>      <formatter type="plain" usefile="true"/>
>      <formatter type="xml" usefile="true"/>
>      <classpath>
>        <pathelement location="${build.dir}/test-classes"/>
>        <path refid="libs-run-classpath"/>
>      </classpath>
>      <test name="org.apache.fop.config.UserConfigTestSuite" 
> todir="${junit.reports.dir}" outfile="TEST-userconfig"/>
>    </junit>
>  </target>
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> From: Peter Hancock [mailto:peter.hanc...@gmail.com]
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> Subject: Re: Ant Hangs
> Hi Eric,
> You can  add the junit jar to Ant's lib directory - see 
> http://ant.apache.org/manual/install.html and look for ANT_HOME + lib
> + Windows.
> I hope that helps,
> Pete
> On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 9:24 PM, mehdi houshmand <med1...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm no Windows expert by any stretch of the imagination, but have you
>> tried adding the JUnit jar to the build XML, add the Ant jar to the
>> Environment variables and try running it from the command line. I
>> think you may have more luck there.
>> Mehdi
>> On 20 December 2010 21:12, Eric Douglas <edoug...@blockhouse.com> wrote:
>>> Windows XP
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>>> From: mehdi houshmand [mailto:med1...@gmail.com]
>>> Sent: Monday, December 20, 2010 4:11 PM
>>> To: fop-dev@xmlgraphics.apache.org
>>> Subject: Re: Ant Hangs
>>> Hi Eric,
>>> What OS are you using? If you're using Linux there are packages for 
>>> installing the Ant and JUnit libraries which may avoid these issues.
>>> This I think is a config issue.
>>> Mehdi
>>> On 20 December 2010 20:28, Eric Douglas <edoug...@blockhouse.com> wrote:
>>>> I compiled FOP 1.0 using the Ant build in Eclipse.  It completed
>>>> successfully saying Junit support not present.
>>>> Then I downloaded the Junit source, imported it as a project, put it
>>>> on the FOP Build Path, and copied the junit-4.8.2.jar into the FOP lib 
>>>> folder.
>>>> Now the ant task shows Junit support present and the build never
>>>> stops running.  The last thing displayed on the Console message tab is 
>>>> this.
>>>> junit-userconfig:
>>>>      [echo] Running user config tests

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