When configuring the base directory using the fop.xconf relative urls
are based on the working directory, and not the fop.xconf.
This contradicts the URI specification as pointed out in

This can be more than an simple inconvenience when the working
directory and the location of the fop.xconf are not related.

Here is an example of something I wish to achieve with a set of limitations

 *  I have a directory that contains both a fop.xconf and a directory
of resources (fonts etc).
 *  In the fop.xconf I want to reference resources relative to the fop.xconf.
 *  I am unable to change path to the current working directory to
coincide with the fop.xconf:
e.g I may be running the FOP ant task that uses the location of the
ant script as the working directory.
 *  Using absolute paths is not an option since I wish to be able to
move the fop.xconf without changing URIs referenced within.

Can anyone suggest a robust way of achieving this scenario, given the
current limitations of FOP, or should I fix this bug?



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