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Hi Darshan

> Thank you all for answering my questions. I could run the test cases using 
> the variables in eclipse. That was great! Should I update the wiki so that 
> other it will be easier for other people using eclipse?

Yes, if you think that is useful, then by all means, go ahead. Thanks!

> For the bug report 47279 from my previous mail, the bug seems to have been 
> fixed so can it's status be changed to resolved?

If it is really fixed somehow, then I'd definitely start by adding a comment 
that describes how you verified this. If the reporter challenges your 
assessment, he will reopen anyway, so it does no harm to close it if you are 

> Lastly the bug report 
> https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=50196 was reopened because 
> there was no test case for the fix. I have reproduced the error by modifying 
> one of the existing layout test files. The xml file and the output pdfs are 
> attached. However I could not figure out how to write the checks. How can I 
> know which xpath elements should have what values? Could you please guide as 
> to how I can write the checks?

You will want to take a look at the generated area tree XML in the 
build/test-results folder (or wherever you have the output sent to). Locate the 
elements in the tree that play a part in the issue, and figure out which 
attribute values to check.

Note: if you leave the <checks> element empty, you will still always get a 
default check for a non-empty areaTree node. I added this once, to have a 
generic way to check for simple things, like not throwing a 
NullPointerException, but I see it is not mentioned on the Wiki...

Hope this helps!



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