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Hi Darshan

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> 5. I found out the xpath values using the firefox extention XPather and then 
> filled in the checks accordingly.

OK, that works too and looks comprehensive. 
There is an easier way, though. If you have FOP set up in an IDE (Eclipse, 
IntelliJ IDEA...), then, as mentioned on the Wiki, you can just "set up a JUnit 
Launch configuration", which will allow you to run the test from within your 
IDE. That's where those variables come into play. If you do not set them, the 
entire test suite will be run. Specifying '-Dfop.layoutengine.starts-with=...' 
as a VM parameter would only run those tests whose name starts with the 
specified string, etc.

In that case, you have the benefit of the standard output we normally get when 
running the test suite (see the output I posted earlier). If the test passes, 
you should also get a clear indication that none of the checks failed and the 
test finished successfully.

> I have attached the .at files as well.
> Also does follow-up attachment mean that I attached the file to the bugreport 
> https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=50196 and close it?

Indeed. If we confirmed it on our end, we will then add the test to our suite, 
and everything remains available in Bugzilla for future reference. If we cannot 
verify that it has been fixed, we will reopen and will ask you to re-examine.




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