2011/7/19 Eric Douglas <edoug...@blockhouse.com>:
> I've tried to reference a source project rather than a compiled jar
> wherever possible.
> The annoying part of referencing the compiled jar is when I run from the
> IDE in debug mode and it pops up windows saying no code attached.
> Plus I thought it made more sense to have the source for everything open
> sourced in case there's any reusable code or any confusion on what the
> methods do.

Eric, I suggest you to use jar unless you don't need to change the code.

In most of the developing tools there is a way to bind the source code
jar to the compiled jar in order to have all the debug features.

In Eclipse, for instance, this can be achieved from the Project ->
Properties -> Java Build Path dialog box: here you can add external
(compiled) jar as desired. Once you have added a jar, click on the
small triangle near the jar name, and you have new options: click on
the  source attachment option and insert the path of the source code

Done :-)



Giuseppe Briotti

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