--- Comment #1 from Vincent Hennebert <> 2011-11-28 
18:31:54 UTC ---
IIC those transcoder jars are used by Batik to convert standalone SVG files
into PDF. I suppose there's no harm in adding those dependencies to the jars,
although it would need to be figured out how events are being processed (output
on the command line? Logged? Just swallowed (which would be bad)?).

However, there are changes in the patch that are almost certainly problematic:
• a new DefaultEventBroadcaster instance is being created in the following
  The consequence is that at runtime it will be likely that several
EventBroadcaster instances will exist in the same time and be handled
inconsistently. For example, only the events from one instance may be caught
and displayed in some dialog box.
• the message added to the new fontNotSupported event will not be localizable,
which defeats one of the purposes of the Event handling sub-system. It's
probably best to create a more specific event.


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