--- Comment #5 from Vincent Hennebert <> 2011-11-30 
17:16:55 UTC ---
I had a quick look at the code and think the creation of a new
DefaultEventBroadcaster instance can be avoided in most places: 
• In TTFReader and TTFFile it’s not necessary, a dedicated FontEventListener
that logs events on the standard output would do.
• In IFUtil: the setupFonts(IFDocumentHandler) method should be removed and
restriction added that the fontInfo be not null. I don’t think that this class
is an appropriate place to create new FontInfo instances. Anyway, most callers
of this method probably already pass a non-null instance of FontInfo.
• In NativeTextHandler, the only class that calls the constructor passes a
non-null FontInfo instance, so the setupFontInfo method can be removed.
• PDFDocumentGraphics2D and PDFDocumentGraphics2DConfigurator: those classes
are only used by the transcoder IIC. An appropriate FontEventListener
implementation should be used instead of a FontEventAdapter
• In PDFGraphics2D.createPattern: this one is less clear. I’m not sure why a
new FontInfo instance is being created while one is already available as a
member. This would need to be further investigated, but it doesn’t seem that
custom fonts are being configured, only the base 14 ones. So the
FontEventListener can be a dedicated implementation that throws an
AssertionError whenever an event occurs.


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