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> Hi,
> This isn't a bug, the PDF specification doesn't mandate that the font prefixes
> are unique outside scope of the document. The only mandate is:
> "The tag consists of exactly six uppercase letters; the choice of letters is
> arbitrary, but different subsets in the same PDF file must have different
> tags."
> From Section 5.5.3 PDF v1.4 Reference.
> As such this isn't a bug. Sorry to be dismissive, but as you said in your post
> on the ghostscript bug report, making these "unique" doesn't solve the issue
> since there could likely be clashes since the prefix is only 6 chars.
> In my opinion, Ken Sharp is mistaken when he says "If the font has the same
> name and prefix then it is the same font", that isn't what the PDF
> specification says (though understandably that's how it could be interpreted).
> The spec only says that each subset has to be unique within the scope of a
> document, which is what FOP already does.
> Mehdi

Yes, he might not be exactly wrong, but this doesn't mean that FOP shouldn't
try to be as arbitrary as possible. The algorithm used in the code is
completely predictable.

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