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> 2) We use the deterministic trait of the prefixes in our testing framework. 
> The
> value of having a comprehensive test suite is far greater than making the code
> change for this scenario.

That why i was saying that a command-line switch to disable the "randomized"
behavior should exist. The change seemed trivial enough.

> I understand that none of the above particularly helps you, but we can't very
> well go changing FOP to accommodate nuanced bugs in ghostscript.
> Mehdi

I understand that, but generating the same sequence over and over just seems to
be a compromise for easier automated testing, not for an actual working&tested

For now we'll go on by using pdftk, which seems to handle multiple
fonts-same-name case correctly, but its too bad one would have to use 3
different applications all with their own quirks and bugs and usage patterns
simply because the standard isn't very clear for a specific issue, and that
issue could easily be fixed by any of the 2 applications involved in this

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