On 25/01/2012 14:59, mehdi houshmand wrote:

Hi Mehdi,
I've spent some time looking through the examples and the
documentation above and I think the classes listed below are all the
classes necessary for most the use-cases and thus should be considered
the public API.


This would mean deprecating
o.a.f.apps.FOUserAgent.setRendererOverride(...) since (if I'm not
mistaken) this is legacy code to bind a MIME type to IF output.
Obviously I would also give instructions to use the IFDocumentHandler
implementation. Also, while we're at it, the IFDocumentHandler method
isn't described on the link above, so I'll try and put some
information there as well.

Thanks for preparing the list of classes that form the public API. I have chcked the code that we use to embed FOP and it's all present in the above list. A shame that its necessary to use classes from render.intermediate in order to go FO->IF->PDF. In an ideal world those classes should be in a top level intermediate package or a sub package of apps, but that won't be easy to change now!

+1 to adding the above list to the website so we now have a clear definition of what is part of the API and what is not.

The changes you propose to the move foUserAgent to the Renderer constructors do not affect any of the above API classes so +1 to commit those too.



I plan to put this information on the website, so please feel free to
discuss if you have any questions and/or wish to make amendments.

On 24 January 2012 19:36, Glenn Adams<gl...@skynav.com>  wrote:
On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 10:08 AM, Vincent Hennebert<vhenneb...@gmail.com>
I would consider to be part of the public API the code that is present
on the following page:

I agree. We should distinguish between APIs documented as being explicitly
part of the embedding APIs and other public interfaces/members not
documented as such.

Also, it is probably good to review, at least during every release, whether
the embedding API documentation is correct and complete.

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