since i haven't heard any comments, i'm going ahead with the commit...

On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 11:24 PM, Glenn Adams <> wrote:

> I am ready to perform a commit (into trunk) from my recently reviewed
> complex script patch (plus a bug fix). Although I have done as much as I
> can to ensure that this won't break things, I can't guarantee it won't. In
> particular, even though it runs all junit tests, checkstyle and findbugs
> without error, I can't ensure there won't be a regression. Also, since I am
> only building and testing under MacOSX, it is possible there may be
> unforeseen issues on Win32 or Linux platforms.
> Before I perform the commit, I want to give folks an opportunity to
> comment or object to taking this action. I should note that the code has
> been reviewed by another committer and discussed with most PMC members, and
> that there are no outstanding issues that I have been requested to address
> before performing a commit.
> If I don't hear anything by tomorrow at 1900Z (noon my local time), I will
> go ahead with the commit.
> G.

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