On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 5:30 PM, Glenn Adams <gl...@skynav.com> wrote:

> ParenPad                        16666
> MethodParamPad                  4316
> WhitespaceAfter                 2203
> ExplicitInitialization          795

Not implemented. I oppose enabling ParenPad or MethodParamPad for two
reasons: (1) the large number of changes that would be required to fix
violations; and (2) my preferred setting for styles differ from what was
proposed. For similar reasons, I oppose adding TYPECAST to WhitespaceAfter.

That leaves ExplicitInitialization, which I don't oppose, but will take
some time to implement due to the large number of existing violations.

> NewLineAtEndOfFile              111
> RegexpSingleLine                46

Will wait for Vincent to implement these two.

> ImportOrder                     255
> NoWhitespaceAfter               183
> NewLineAtEndOfFile              111
> UnusedImports                   80
> MultipleVariableDeclarations    78
> RegexpSingleLine                46
> OneStatementPerLine             43
> RedundantImport                 22
> DefaultComesLast                9
> RightCurly                      5
> RedundantModifier               3
> GenericWhitespace               1
> NoWhitespaceBefore              1

These are now implemented (with the checkstyle-5.5 config), but with the
following minor changes from what Vincent had proposed:

1. for ImportOrder, specified that static imports are under, not top; this
corresponds to the practice that already existed in FOP;

2. for NoWhitespaceAfter, specified that line breaks are allowed after DOT;
if this isn't done, then one cannot break a long line before *or* after DOT,
and consequently could force long lines when not desired; this because the
default settings for the NoWhitespaceBefore rule disallows a line break
before DOT;


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