On 24/04/2012 15:34, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
I find that Bugzilla Just Works and is easy to use. I don’t really see
the need to change as long as it’s available. What support do we need
from infra anyway? But as long as I don’t have anything to do...

Hi Vincent,

votes count on general@ only please. This is because it is a project wide decision not specific to FOP.





On 17/04/12 09:15, Chris Bowditch wrote:
Hi All,

We need to have a formal vote to decide if the XML Graphics project and all
sub projects should switch the bug tracking system from Bugzilla to JIRA. The
main benefits of which are:

1. JIRA has a more modern look and feel
2. Infrastructure are not equiped to support Bugzilla anymore as most Apache
projects are based on JIRA. Therefore should be more able to respond to
requests for changes.

The downside is that someone will have to work with infra@ to organize the
import of bugs from BZ to JIRA. We then need to update the website links to
point to JIRA instead of BZ. Glenn Adams has kindly volunteered to oversee the

Heres my +1

The vote runs until 24th April.



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