Hi All,

Unless someone else has been developing this in secret, I am planning to make a 
start on adding support for OTF CFF (Open Type - Compact Font Format). There 
are two choices I can see which are available and would like to ask for your 
opinion. These are:

1) Using the implementation from fontbox and write adapter classes to allow it 
to work with FOP.
2) Write a dedicated FOP implementation.

There are pro's and con's to each. Firstly, using fontbox will create another 
dependency to FOP which is generally never a good thing. It will also means if 
there is a problem with their implementation, we have to rely upon them to 
commit the patch (either written by us or by themselves). I don't know what 
their uptake is on committing patches, but unlike FOP the control would be 
taken out of our hands.

Saying this however, using their implementation will cut the development time 
as the majority of work will already have been done. There is also the 
advantage that their implementation will have been around for a while and will 
have benefited from subsequent use and have ironed out any bugs.

If you have any other comments for or against each option please post them.


Robert Meyer

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