in released versions until v1.1, whole website was included in
src/documentation, using the old Forrest schema.
So, until v1.1, the website repo may embed directly versionned doc.
I don't think we need to remove them, just adding or removing a link
in sidenav will be sufficient (0.95 doc is always on website).
Beginning with fop-next, ie current trunk, we could move trunk doc
into fop trunk repos and apply svn:externals in website repo.

Attached, I've listed links to versionned doc in CMS FOP -- I like grepwin ;-).
Note that for links to latest version, we used variables at the top of
MDtext, for easier update during release process.

I see no need to redirect anything, just change some values in 5 files.

2014-05-28 6:33 GMT+02:00 Clay Leeds <>:
> Hi,
> I thought I'd give an update on my research of speeding the RELEASE process...
> I've spent some time researching, and I've asked for some assistance from 
> site-dev@...
> Among the ideas I've been researching are:
> - MarkDown PreProcessor[1]
> - svn hook
> I'm not married to either of these solutions, but they look interesting.
> Of course, another idea, is to do it the OLD way, and I'd be happy to go 
> through and update the MarkDown files with the latest/updated version.
> MarkDown PreProcessor (a sample I thought was interesting)
> [1] 
> More inline...
> On May 23, 2014, at 1:00 AM, Pascal Sancho <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The FOP package should not embed the whole website, but only the
>> documentation part, more precisely only the relevant version folder.
>> Currently, FOP doc folder is referenced as svn:externals in FOP repo,
>> resulting on extra irrelevant info, such as other versions,
>> miscellaneous processes, general info, etc.
>> IMHO, FOP versionned doc should be in FOP repo, and Website repo
>> should refer to each FOP versionned doc through svn:externals prop.
>> WDYT?
> +1 Pascal... Makes sense to me. There's a lot of cruft in there...
> We'd have to either `svn:externals` a bunch of single files (svn-1.7+), or 
> adjust the site a bit to move the OLD versions somewhere 'out of the way'... 
> (And then add 301 redirects... ;-)

    [currentFop_embedding_configExt]:      1.1/embedding.html#config-external
    [currentFop_embedding_configInt]:      1.1/embedding.html#config-internal
    [currentFop_embedding_multithreading]: 1.1/embedding.html#multithreading
    [currentFop_fonts]:                    1.1/fonts.html
    [currentFop_graphics]:                 1.1/graphics.html
    [currentFop_graphics_batik]:           1.1/graphics.html#batik
    [currentFop_graphics_resol]:           1.1/graphics.html#resolution
    [currentFop_graphics_svgPdfText]:      1.1/graphics.html#svg-pdf-text
    [currentFop_graphics_svgScaling]:      1.1/graphics.html#svg-scaling
    [currentFop_hyphenation_support]:      1.1/hyphenation.html#support
    [currentFop_metadata]:                 1.1/metadata.html
    [currentFop_output_generalFonts]:      1.1/output.html#general-fonts
    [currentFop_output_pdfFonts]:          1.1/output.html#pdf-fonts
    [currentFop_output_pdfPostProcess]:    1.1/output.html#pdf-postprocess
    [currentFop_output_pdfWatermark]:      1.1/output.html#pdf-watermark
    [currentFop_pdfencryption]:            1.1/pdfencryption.html
    [currentFop_running_memory]:           1.1/running.html#memory
    [currentFop_servlets]:                 1.1/servlets.html#servlet
    [currentFop_servlets_engine]:          1.1/servlets.html#servlet-engine
    [currentFop_servlets_ie]:              1.1/servlets.html#ie
    [currentFop_servlets_xslt]:            1.1/servlets.html#xslt
    [fopLatest_config]: 1.1/configuration.html
    [fopLatest]:       1.1/
    [fopLatest_ouput]: 1.1/output.html
    [fopLatest-runningXalan]: 1.1/running.html#check-input
    [currentFop_compile]: 1.1/compiling.html
    [currentFop_config]: 1.1/configuration.html
    [currentFop_running]: 1.1/running.html
    [currentFop_embedding]: 1.1/embedding.html
    [currentFop_servlets]: 1.1/servlets.html
    [currentFop_anttask]: 1.1/anttask.html
    [currentFop_index]: 1.1/index.html

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