Hi Simon,

This branch represents many months of hard work. Merging fonts within separate PDFs is far from a trivial task, and has been requested by almost everyone who uses the PDF Plug-in. Thanks you and well done on bringing the implementation to this point.

I downloaded the branch and ran a couple of basic tests, seems ok from a high level. Therefore I am +1 to merge this branch into trunk



On 20/06/2014 12:23, Simon Steiner wrote:


I have been working on merging fonts inside pdf external graphic using the pdf-plugin. The feature is disabled by default and can be enabled using fop.xconf:

<fop version="1.0">


    <renderer mime="application/pdf">





It is using pdfbox 2.0 snapshot which requires Java 6 or later so you vote needs to agree to end support for Java 5 on trunk.

It is supporting fonts of type CFF, Truetype, CID and Type1.

The vote will last 5 working days, ending next Friday.




Here is my vote: +1


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