well, the way that the change-bar patch works is that for each layout manager, when an area is created, the change-bars that affect the layout manager (which come from
the FO element the manager was created for) are copied to that newly created area.
Then, in the rendering of the area tree, a change-bar with the same height as the area is drawn on the correct border.
Thus, if several line-areas are created which are apart by a line separator space, this will lead to gaps between the change bars.
Rather than adjusting by an empirical value, I would assume it is better to add to the change-bar at such areas the info for the gap and when rendering
extend the change-bar by that amount.
Doing always a 105% expansion of the height will lead to wrong results for e.g. figures or tables IMHO.
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I am not sure if this is something that has been identified previously, or if it even will matter, but I found that if I set the line-height of the text to 0.95, that the change-bar gap disappears. Maybe I am thinking too simply, but this makes me believe that if I can set the change-bar length to 105% of the line height, it should always cover the gap. Again, maybe I am taking too simplistic an approach, but just looking for some dialog on this to see if I am on the right or wrong track.


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