Dear All,

there is a proposal to enhanced painting of table borders to avoid visual
inconsistencies in some renderers (Acrobat Reader, Chrome):

That technique renders another set of shapes over the existing ones. Not
everyone wants this as a default behaviour. After applying the patch it can
be activated via RendererOption 'overpaint-table-borders'. It means it can
be set programmatically, but not via configuration file or cmdline options.

I personally do not need this as a cmdline switch, but having this option in
the configuration file is IMHO a must for general audience.

So the questions:
(1) option name (is boolean 'overpaint-table-borders' Ok or something else
should be prefered, e.g. 'table-border-rendering-mode' with the set of
String values, initially 'standard' and 'overpaint')

(2) If cmdline switch would be useful, what the name should be used



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