Actually, now that I think of it, what I will need is a list of all the
object id's that are then (or only might then be) later referenced by the
PageNumberCitation ref-id.  This way, when I generate a pdf that makes a
PageNumberCitation to a ref-id in a pdf that was in a chapter generated in a
previous pdf, I will be able to get the correct PageNumber.
thanks again,
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> "Matthew L. Avizinis" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >   A whole lotta help needed please:  I need to write to a file
> all the 1)
> > page-number-citations page numbers along with their
> corresponding ref-id's
> > also the 2) last page of the pdf file being currently generated
> by FOP along
> > with it's corresponding file name.
> Odd subject for these questions. However, look at
> and decide whether this helps you. In any case, i can't see
> how you can achieve your goal without fiddling with FOP internals.
> You might also want to educate yourself about how to write FOP
> extension functions. There is a brief intro in
>  docs/html-docs/extensions.html
> in your FOP distribution.
> J.Pietschmann

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