Aha, now I see what you're saying.  Thanks.  I'll try that.

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> "Matthew L. Avizinis" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Judging by the (rather sparse) instructions, it seems to me
> that what I need
> > is not an extension to fo but a way to grab information fop is already
> > producing and spit it out to an xml file as it's generated, while at the
> > same time allowing the pdf to continue to be output.  So, yes
> it looks like
> > I have to fiddle with the FOP internals, but the question is,
> "Where is a
> > logical location to begin?"[...]
> > At first glance, it looks like I could stick in a few lines of
> code in the
> > PageNumberCitation Status method to write out the information I
> need to a
> > new file (or append to an existing file).
> I still think it is cleaner and perhaps easier to write extensions
> and place them into the block whose page number should be written:
>   <fo:block id="stuff">
>     <myex:write-page-number/>
>     ...
> Override the layout() method for actually writing the info, you
> can get the current page with area.getPage(), look at
> fo.flow.PageNumber.java for more info.
> Create another extension element to be placed at the end of the
> page flow for recording the last page.
> I suppose you generated the FO with XSL, in this case you shouldn't
> have too much trouble to insert the extension elements.
> J.Pietschmann

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