"Matthew L. Avizinis" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Judging by the (rather sparse) instructions, it seems to me that what I need
> is not an extension to fo but a way to grab information fop is already
> producing and spit it out to an xml file as it's generated, while at the
> same time allowing the pdf to continue to be output.  So, yes it looks like
> I have to fiddle with the FOP internals, but the question is, "Where is a
> logical location to begin?"[...]
> At first glance, it looks like I could stick in a few lines of code in the
> PageNumberCitation Status method to write out the information I need to a
> new file (or append to an existing file).

I still think it is cleaner and perhaps easier to write extensions
and place them into the block whose page number should be written:
  <fo:block id="stuff">
Override the layout() method for actually writing the info, you
can get the current page with area.getPage(), look at
fo.flow.PageNumber.java for more info.
Create another extension element to be placed at the end of the
page flow for recording the last page.
I suppose you generated the FO with XSL, in this case you shouldn't
have too much trouble to insert the extension elements.


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