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>The problem is rather that keep-together does not work yet on fo:block.
>There is some support for keep-together on tables. So try to pack your
>stuff into a table.

>FOP is being redesigned to make it possible to implement keep-together.
>But that will take a while.

Hi Magnus and Jeremias,

Many thanks to both for your replies. I may get around to giving
.within-lines a shot, but, being the nascent cynic that I am, I fear
Jeremias may be correct. {:\ Intuitively , it seems like 'keep together'
would be tricky to impliment. Here's hoping for a glorious future. {:D

You'll be pleased to hear, I'm also starting to discover the documentation,
so I hope I can leave you alone now. But when you're new, it's great to have
a leg up to help you get started. Many thanks. {:D

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