> > No, I don't think so. The Multiple Master Font Extensions have not been
> > implemented, yet.
> Hmm. I have to assume PDF is capable of carrying both the PFB and the MMM;
> So let me guess: assuming the weight-axis data is in the MMM file, FOP
> needs to revise it's PFMReader to extrapolate metrics for boldness based
> on other PFMs and the MMM file, and it needs to revise its method for
> embedding fonts to be able to include both PFB and MMM data?
> I dunno, it's very late my time, so forgive me if I'm way off the mark.
> :)

You're on the right way! If you really want to dive into it, here are
some pointers:
Font specs from Adobe:

Multiple Master Font Extensions are described in:

> I wonder how hard that would be to do...

I'm not sure. I haven't looked at Multiple Master, yet. Good luck.

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