I create a DOM-Tree dynamically and put it together with a XSL-file to get a

But now I have my own font information in the userconfig.xml and need to
bind it to my

I gess I found a possibility to to so by using the setOption of a
PDFRenderer like this:
Driver theDriver = new Driver();
Renderer theREnderer = new PDFRenderer();
theRenderer.setOptions( <use the userconfig.xml> );

theDriver.setRenderer(PDFRenderer() );
theDriver.setInputSource( new DocumentInputSource( getFormatedSource() ) );

theDriver.setOutputStream( getPDFOutputStream() );

Now now I have a Question: Is this the right way and, if so, since
the attribute for the setOption -method is Hashtable, what could I use for
the key and what could be the value?

Thanks, Michael

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