Pardon my ignorance, but could you sketch out the nature of the problem for me?

I ask in particular because the current situation is dirty. There is a lot of talk going on about the plumbing, which is generally over my head, but, in the short term I would like to see the Options rationalized in the following way:

recognise that Options is currently completely static - aim to make it a non-instantiable class.
remove the CommandLineOptions class (use String[] where necessary, and integrate the parsing functions into the now static Options class.)
provide an Options.configure static method in a number of guises to cover the current use cases.

Of course, you couldn't actually make Options non-instatiable, and you couldn't actually remove CommandLineOptions, but you could pretend, and provide an alternative to instantiating Options and CommandLineOptions objects.

I have mentioned in a previous post the setting of user config file in the system config.


Jeremias Maerki wrote:

So I can call options once (at application start) and it will affect all 
transformations thereafter?
That's nice, as I think I was calling this every transformation.

Right. Not that I find this overly nice, because using statics can be A Bad Thing (TM) in server environments. We're going to change that eventually.

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