I'm actually using the PDF renderer. I've got the source and am hunting
around now. If I have anything to say about it, this bug isn't going to
last until Friday.

Of course, anyone with knowledge of PDFRenderer who would like to comment
on this bug is more than welcome... No answer to my post on the dev list,

Also, if anyone is using the PDFRenderer with inline italic/bold text and
is _not_ having this problem, I'd really like to hear from them too.


On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> Are you using the PostScript Renderer? If yes, then I can only tell you,
> it's on the tasklist. If you want to look into it yourself, look at
> org.apache.fop.render.ps.PSRenderer.java.
> > I have a bunch of justified text. If I use
> >
> > <fo:inline font-style="italic">...</fo:inline>
> >
> > I get inconsistent and random-seeming gaps on either end of the inline
> > block. These are often large and ugly and are impossible to miss.
> >
> > On every line where italics occur, the right margin is exceeded, as
> > though the spurious space being added around the italics are not being
> > taken into account during line breaking and justification calculations.
> >
> > Not being able to use italics is a big huge one. Is there a workaround for
> > this? And if not, where should I look in the code to start fixing it?
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