Hi, Bart

I took markers up to a certain point last summer. I didn't have the property
re-parenting happening yet, but in terms of retrieving the right marker
probably about half the retrieve-position/retrieve-boundary combos were
already functional. The example file glossary.xml stems from that period.

We had an injection of code just about that time that was generally held to
be higher priority, including by me, and this broke the partial marker
support. I don't think anything has happened since, and so you are probably
seeing the effects of this, not doing anything wrong in your FO.

I am loathe to invest any effort in marker support in the maintenance
branch, unless Karen and/or Keiron were to indicate that they do not expect
functional markers in the rewrite for at least another 3 months (by which I
mean I'd be happy to actually write that code if they indicate that I could
reasonably expect to be doing so within 3 months). If it looks like there
won't be any markers in the rewrite for quite a while then I'd be happy to
look at getting them back into the maintenance branch because it wouldn't be
wasted effort.

Arved Sandstrom

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does fop support markers? i'm having trouble getting them to work.

my input looks like
      <fo:marker marker-class-name="chap">chapter one</fo:marker>
      <fo:marker marker-class-name="chap">chapter two</fo:marker>

note that the markers share a common great-grandparent.

the error message i get from any fop-0.20.[23] is:

[ERROR]: fo:marker must be an initial child,and 'marker-class-name' must
be unique for same parent.

i'm following all the rules, i think, but no joy.

sounds like a simple misconception on my part but i'm stumped.

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