Thanks to Arved Sandstrom for the explanation.

I have only one more question: if the extention of the region-before is
defined by the magin-top extention of the region body, what is the use of
the parameter extent in the declaration of the region-before? Itīs just for


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> Hi all,
> I'm having a problem with regions. In the simplecol4 example, I changed
> page layout  as showed above:
>   <fo:layout-master-set>
>     <!-- layout for the first page -->
>     <fo:simple-page-master master-name="only"
>                   page-height="29.7cm"
>                   page-width="21cm"
>                   margin-top="3cm"
>                   margin-bottom="2cm"
>                   margin-left="2.5cm"
>                   margin-right="2.5cm">
>       <fo:region-body   margin-top="1cm" margin-bottom="1cm"
>             column-count="3" column-gap="0.15in"/>
>       <fo:region-before extent="4cm"/>
>       <fo:region-after extent="4cm"/>
>     </fo:simple-page-master>
>   </fo:layout-master-set>
>   <The remaining of the example is the same.>
> When I print the page using acroread, all the margins are ok,  but the
> overlapped the before and after regions (the init of the body is at 1.5cm
> from the top margin and 1cm from the bottom margin). The text of the after
> region was printed four lines before the end of the body region, like a
> watermark.
> In my understanding, the extent of the region-after and region-before is
> length of the region, and the region-body should use all the remaining
> in the center (something like the BorderLayout in Java). Is this correct?
> Can someone tell me how the extent works and how can I define a static
> length for the before and after regions?
> Thanks in advance
> Denes
> *************************
> Because of the margings on the page-master, you effectively have a working
> area of height (29.7cm - 3cm - 2cm) = 24.7cm, and a width of (21cm -
2.5cm -
> 2.5cm) = 16cm.
> There are no changes made to reference-orientation, so the margin
> on the *region-body* correspond to the page-master directions. As a
> the region-body (which does _not_ use all the remaining space in the
> is inset 1cm from the top, 1cm from the bottom, and 0cm from both left and
> right, ending up with a height (also block-progression-dimension in this
> case, with the default 'paginate' &  'overflow' settings) of (24.7cm -
1cm -
> 1cm) = 22.7cm, and a width (also inline-progression-dimension) of 16cm.
> The before & after regions will overlap by 3cm because the extents on the
> outside regions, AND the margins on the region-body, are both measured
> the edges of the content-rectangle of the page: the 24.7cm x 16cm
> If you set the margin-top and margin-bottom on the region-body to 5cm you
> would have 1cm clearance. In which case the region-body height would be
> 14.7cm.

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