Random question, but is there incentive for a company to hire someone to 
enhance FOP and release the updates to the public domain? Are most of the 
developers employed to do this, or is this done in their free time?

On Wed, 27 February 2002, "Peter B. West" wrote:

> Savino, Matt C wrote:
> >  I regretted the tone of that last email as soon as
> >I spit it out. I'm just not having a very great day. I know from watching
> >the fop-dev list for the last year or so that all the active players on FOP
> >are very concientious, hard-working and know what they're doing. Maybe you
> >can look at my little outburst as a rare window into the frustrations that
> >some of the end users are feeling but have the tact to withhold.
> >
> I think your comments will be read in that light.
> >...
> >  I've sort of become the chief FOP evangelist/programmer.
> > ...  People are starting to look at my PDF solution. I'm just afraid
> >they're going to look behind the curtain and see that I can't generate five
> >10-page reports at once (or one 100-page report) on one instance of Weblogic
> >running on $80k worth of hardware--w/o running out of memory or coming to a
> >standstill.
> >
> So basically, the nuts are on the anvil?  I hope no-one reads this 
> mailing list.
> >
> >I guess even the roughest non-binding ETA on the redesign might help some of
> >us sleep better at night - 6 mos?
> >
> ***
> > 1 year?
> >
> *** My guess.  I think the design is getting towards critical mass.  See 
> my other post responding to Arved.
> > 2 years? more? And just out of
> >curiosity, why are you starving to finish this - love? future consulting
> >gigs? both?
> >
> Things slowed down a lot after dot.con, and here in Brisbane they were 
> slow to start with.  I have a (voluntary) application for FOP, and I had 
> a need to learn Java to spruce up my skill set.  Future consulting?  I 
> suppose I can dream.
> Peter

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