Thanks Peter. I'm really glad to hear some positive news about the redesign!
I'll try to get on that list and check out the code. I like reading Perl,
it's therapeutic when you have to deal with Java all day long. I'm sure FOP
is a very tough problem. I regretted the tone of that last email as soon as
I spit it out. I'm just not having a very great day. I know from watching
the fop-dev list for the last year or so that all the active players on FOP
are very concientious, hard-working and know what they're doing. Maybe you
can look at my little outburst as a rare window into the frustrations that
some of the end users are feeling but have the tact to withhold.

Just to give you an idea of my personal situation w/FOP, I work for a
company of about 27,000 people. In the course of fighting to convince the
higher-ups that we could do our little project just fine without Cognos or
Crystal Reports, I've sort of become the chief FOP evangelist/programmer.
(When you looked at our requirements and resources, building really did make
more sense than buying--which is the whole promise of J2EE right?) We're
trying to pull together a corporate culture that could have entire separate
teams working on similar projects who didn't even know of the other's
existstence. People are starting to look at my PDF solution. I'm just afraid
they're going to look behind the curtain and see that I can't generate five
10-page reports at once (or one 100-page report) on one instance of Weblogic
running on $80k worth of hardware--w/o running out of memory or coming to a
standstill. I like where it sounds like you're going with the memory issues.
I don't think the speed is a showstopper, but those out of memory issues
sure are. I've upped my max-heap size to 768M. Anyone know of major pitfalls
to this? (I have 1GB available per instance.) 

I guess even the roughest non-binding ETA on the redesign might help some of
us sleep better at night - 6 mos? 1 year? 2 years? more? And just out of
curiosity, why are you starving to finish this - love? future consulting
gigs? both?

Thanks again, that's all the rambling I have in me for now. 

Matt Savino
Senior Systems Analyst
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Trials

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> From: Peter B. West [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 4:43 PM
> Subject: Re: XMLSpy - FOP
> Matt,
> I'm sure Arved will have something to say about this, but are you 
> subscribed to SourceForge's xslfo-proc list?  Have you seen 
> Arved's perl 
> prototyping code?  This is a *difficult* problem.  A large 
> part of the 
> spec can be implemented relatively easily, but if you get the 
> design of 
> the first, say, 85% wrong, the last 15% becomes well-nigh impossible.
> I *have* been living off savings and credit cards for over 12 months 
> now, initially struggling with the original code base before 
> deciding to 
> start from scratch, and I can say that I am beginning to get 
> a handle on 
> the design.  Good luck.
> Peter
> Savino, Matt C wrote:
> >I'm 99% sure there is a huge corporate demand for an FO-PDF 
> engine right
> >NOW. Those guys at RenderX are nice but unresponsive, their 
> product is on
> >par with FOP at best, and the're too busy to breathe selling $5k/CPU
> >licenses! 
> >
> >I'm about ready to quit and starting working on one myself. 
> Anyone who knows
> >the PDF spec inside and out and can live off savings or 
> credit cards for 6
> >months is welcome to join.
> >

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