Savino, Matt C wrote:

 I regretted the tone of that last email as soon as
I spit it out. I'm just not having a very great day. I know from watching
the fop-dev list for the last year or so that all the active players on FOP
are very concientious, hard-working and know what they're doing. Maybe you
can look at my little outburst as a rare window into the frustrations that
some of the end users are feeling but have the tact to withhold.

I think your comments will be read in that light.

 I've sort of become the chief FOP evangelist/programmer.
...  People are starting to look at my PDF solution. I'm just afraid
they're going to look behind the curtain and see that I can't generate five
10-page reports at once (or one 100-page report) on one instance of Weblogic
running on $80k worth of hardware--w/o running out of memory or coming to a

So basically, the nuts are on the anvil? I hope no-one reads this mailing list.

I guess even the roughest non-binding ETA on the redesign might help some of us sleep better at night - 6 mos?


1 year?

*** My guess. I think the design is getting towards critical mass. See my other post responding to Arved.

2 years? more? And just out of
curiosity, why are you starving to finish this - love? future consulting
gigs? both?

Things slowed down a lot after dot.con, and here in Brisbane they were slow to start with. I have a (voluntary) application for FOP, and I had a need to learn Java to spruce up my skill set. Future consulting? I suppose I can dream.


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