I'ts not unreasonable at all. You can convert your XML to RTF, which
Word will display. You won't have access to all 7,562,443 features in a
full-fledged Word doc. This means your resume may not be able to email
itself to everyone in the viewer's address book or delete their dll
files, but you can probably get by.

By the way, I just signed up my home account to this list. Does anyone
know how to get the last 100 messages? The help-bot says ot put the
message number in like this - <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.
Where do I find the message number?


Stephen Clarke wrote:
> Hi all,
> OK. So much for pdf. Does anyone know if there is any way of turning an XML
> into MS Word format? I don't think word is scriptable, is it? VBScript,
> perhaps?
> Just wondering.
> Sorry. The very thought is rather distastefull , isn't it. But who knows.
> See. Just for fun I did my resume in pdf using fop. But now everybody keeps
> asking me for the same thing in MS Word format. Argh. Very annoying. So I
> want to be able to change my XML and have it reflected automatically in both
> word and pdf.
> This could be a contender for the most twisted idea of all time.
> --
> Best
> SC.

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