Also, one simple direct means of getting XML into Word (easy, but the
styles don't generally persist well) is simply to use XSLT -> HTML,
which Word imports.

I've seen several resumes/book proposals that people did that way...


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I'ts not unreasonable at all. You can convert your XML to RTF, which
Word will display. You won't have access to all the 7,562,443 features
in a full-fledged Word doc, but you can probably get by.


Stephen Clarke wrote:
> Hi all,
> OK. So much for pdf. Does anyone know if there is any way of turning
an XML
> into MS Word format? I don't think word is scriptable, is it?
> perhaps?
> Just wondering.
> Sorry. The very thought is rather distastefull , isn't it. But who
> See. Just for fun I did my resume in pdf using fop. But now everybody
> asking me for the same thing in MS Word format. Argh. Very annoying.
So I
> want to be able to change my XML and have it reflected automatically
in both
> word and pdf.
> This could be a contender for the most twisted idea of all time.
> --
> Best
> SC.

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