To top all: it is even quite simple.
For a project we had to produce MS Excel files fromXML, using XSLT.
As we didn't have a clue about Microsoft formats etc we figured: why
not produce this ghastly MS-HTML and see what that does for us?

If you simply save an existing Word  document as HTML you get a header 
you can use with XSLT and then it is simply a matter of transforming your 
document to HTML. You'll need a couple of namespaces but they're in the 
saved header too.

Works like a charm and even allows a lot of stuff in Excel and Word. Not
whether it wil beat RTF feature wise but you can do a lot without having to
through RTF specs :-)



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$ From: Stephen Clarke [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
$ Sent: vrijdag 1 maart 2002 20:52
$ To: fop
$ Subject: OT:: XML -> MS Word??
$ Hi all,
$ OK. So much for pdf. Does anyone know if there is any way of 
$ turning an XML
$ into MS Word format? I don't think word is scriptable, is it? 
$ VBScript,
$ perhaps?
$ Just wondering.
$ Sorry. The very thought is rather distastefull , isn't it. 
$ But who knows.
$ See. Just for fun I did my resume in pdf using fop. But now 
$ everybody keeps
$ asking me for the same thing in MS Word format. Argh. Very 
$ annoying. So I
$ want to be able to change my XML and have it reflected 
$ automatically in both
$ word and pdf.
$ This could be a contender for the most twisted idea of all time.
$ --
$ Best
$ SC.

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