i agree - all *i* want to know about from this is what sort of xml i can output that M$ word will buy.

Carlos Araya wrote:


Wouldn't it be easier to translate the xml to a CSV (comma separated value)
file, import that into Excel and then finish up the formating? I wouldn't
even bother trying the MS_HTML option


On 03/04/02 8:36, "Bart Locanthi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

exactly how ghastly are you talking here?

is the format [snort] published anywhere?

Michiel Verhoef wrote:

To top all: it is even quite simple.
For a project we had to produce MS Excel files fromXML, using XSLT.
As we didn't have a clue about Microsoft formats etc we figured: why
not produce this ghastly MS-HTML and see what that does for us?

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